Serving the People

I am honored and humbled by the number of calls and texts asking and encouraging me to seek the appointment to fill the vacancy on the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. The support has really been overwhelming and after much prayer, conversations with my family and community members, I have formally decided to put my hat in the ring for consideration.
Recently, I had someone who is interested in running for office say to me jokingly, “I couldn’t be in the minority, I don’t know how you do it, Dems can’t get anything done.” To that I said this, I ran two successful campaigns for the legislature knowing that I would serve in the super minority. Yes, being in the minority is a challenge in and of itself, however, that challenge has not stopped me from getting the people’s work done. While serving in the minority, I have been successful getting several pieces of my legislation signed into law by the Governor. Bipartisan legislation. Things that matter. I am the highest-ranking Democrat member on the House finance committee, currently negotiating a state operating biennium budget of more than $74 billion. I recently brought over $2.3 million back to the 26th District alone and several million to Franklin County more broadly. These resources were for programs such as Franklin County’s Step Up To Quality (childcare) and partnerships with organizations that work on issues surrounding affordable housing, serving the unhoused and differently-abled, after school programs, and maternal and infant health to name a few. All while being in a Republican-controlled legislature.
My work has been centered around ensuring all 11.7 million Ohioans can thrive, not just survive. I want to build on the work I started and build on the amazing work of Commissioner Marilyn Brown. Therefore, I am not running away from the legislature because of being in the minority. I am running TO an opportunity that would allow me to focus on the almost 1.4 million neighbors we have right here, bringing some innovative ideas, and it would be my honor to do so as the first Black woman ever to serve in such a position in Franklin County.
What you can count on me for is this: my commitment remains the same. Whether I am blessed with the appointment to serve as your next county commissioner or not, at the end of the day, I still work for you- ensuring that you have the opportunity to live your American dream right here in Ohio, in Franklin County!

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